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Valuation & Fairness Opinion

Impartial Valuation Advice for Investors to Truly Assess Tech Companies

Most valuation and Big 4 advisory firms claim to be generalists to work with any and every business — we don’t.

If you're looking to analyze a healthcare business, you want an expert to look under the hood and assess not only financials and comparable companies, but also customer behaviour, segment maturity, licenses or excellence.

DaivenHill Partners' one and only focus is growth technology and we are experts in valuing healthcare companies.

Trusted by world's most innovative companies and their shareholders, we deliver in-depth, proprietary valuation reports, considered bankable by both primary and secondary stakeholders (IC, board, lenders, etc.)

Estimating the Real Valuation Impact on Your Portfolio or Target

Independent, third-party portfolio and target valuation of emerging growth companies, to meet stakeholder requirements, ensure transparency and deliver actionable value.

Target Valuation

Valuation range in a majority or minority deal process, support in price negotiation grounded on solid evidence and reasoning.

Portfolio Valuation

PE-specific valuation for specific portfolio companies  (impairment test) or for the whole fund (Net Asset Values)

Complex Valuations

We know how to integrate elements like regulatory pathways, IP challenges, clinical data and reimbursement scenarios to our valuations

Market Insights

Providing expert analysis on current healthcare market trends and delivering strategic guidance for informed decision-making

Stakeholder Insights

Offering detailed, clear, and actionable insights for lenders, boards, and stakeholders, enabling informed decisions 

Facilitating Transactions

Providing guidance on structuring buyouts of passive co-founders and investors who are not contributing to the company.

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