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Financial Advisory & Valuation

Actionable Financial Advice Tailored to the Healthcare Ecosystem

Most valuation and Big 4 advisory firms claim to be generalists to cater for all businesses — we don’t.

If you're looking to value your digital business, you want an expert to look under the hood and assess customer behaviour, segment maturity, licenses or tech excellence - not just simply spread comps and reuse a generalist model.

DaivenHill's one and only focus is growth healthcare companies and we are we experts in valuing healthcare and biotech companies.

We understand businesses quickly and identify key opportunities / challenges to deliver impartial and actionable valuation recommendations.

Understand the Valuation Impact on Your Business

Portfolio Valuation

PE-specific valuation for specific portfolio companies or whole fund

Shareholder Objectives

Assisting transactions with buying out passive co-founders or investors

Financial Health

Expert advice on current tech market conditions and strategic guidance


Expected valuation range in a majority or minority sale process

Capital Raising

Feasibility on achieving fundraising target and/or expected dilution

Employee Incentivization

External opinion prior to the awarding of stock based compensation

Actionable Valuation Insights Tailored for Healthcare

Companies make critical strategic decision every day. We help you effectively understand and mitigate some of the most frequently pressing challenges that your firm might face.

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