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Capital Raising

Founder-First Approach to Raise Growth Capital

We are incredibly privileged to support category-leading high-growth companies along their journey to raise late stage venture or growth capital.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we fully understand the challenges founders face when scaling their businesses, and the special attachment they have for their companies.

Through our founders-first mentality we provide refreshingly honest and transparent advice while bridging the mindset gap between entrepreneurial drive and investor reasoning.

From diligent preparation, through drawing on an extensive investor network, to term sheet negotiations and deal structuring - we make sure you raise the right amount of capital, at optimal terms, from value-add investors, and at the best time.


Proven Framework for Raising Capital

We outlined four key principles that continuously allow us to deliver successful advice to winning founders and management teams.

Craft KPI-Driven Narrative

Early-stage companies require thorough understanding to accurately capture their value potential. We build compelling, data-driven equity stories that resonate with investors and minimize due diligence intensity.

Move Fast and Swiftly

We have a strong appreciation for the power of speed and efficiency when fundraising. Expect a rigorously efficient deal process with minimized management distraction. Founders run the business, we pick up the heavy lifting

Access Relevant Investors

Our close relationships with leading late-stage VC and growth equity investors as well as non-traditional capital providers, like family offices and sovereign wealth funds, enable us to find best-fit partners for a given scenario.

Optimize Long-Term Value

When it comes to growth capital, valuation is only one side of the medal. We help to bridge incentive gaps between founders and investors and make sure you raise money on best possible terms.

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