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Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Meeting

Strategic Acquisitions
(M&A Buy-Side)

Over the years we have developed an unmatched expertise in buy-side advisory, supporting corporations, strategic acquirers, and private investors to executive their buy & build strategy and realize external growth opportunity.

Many of our transactions are cross-border, leveraging our international network and reflecting the global nature of the industries we focus on.

Our Step-by-Step Support


Acquisition Strategy

  • Develop a deep understanding of the business & objectives

  • Comprehensive screening to identify a long list of potential targets

  • Pre-qualify of targets into a validated shortlist, considering the viability and strategic fit


Target Outreach

  • Make initial contact with potential targets and position our client as the buyer of choice

  • Solicit and review initial due diligence information to further assess fit, suitability and timing


Target Engagement

  • Facilitate management meetings and drive follow-up discussions or visits

  • Draft and submit Indication of Interest

  • Further dive into target-specific analysis and due diligence information


Deal Structuring

  • Provide modeling, valuation and financial analysis support

  • Draft, submit and negotiate LOI

  • Assist in final due diligence process and negotiations



  • Support in concluding and signature of the final purchase agreement

  • Coordinate with third party advisors  (legal, tax, etc.) and close the transaction

Modern Building

Our sector specialism in the new economy industry extends globally and results in us being the leading M&A choice ­for many business owners wishing to sell. Advising businesses in the sector on the sell side translates into a unique knowledge of­, and relationships with, many o­f the smartest businesses in the market – often at an early stage of­ their development when growth f­unding or access to worldwide markets may be very attractive ­for them. Crucially, we also have a sense o­f when many o­f these businesses might consider a transaction and what their f­uture aims might be.

Our team and methodology. At DaivenHill, we have an experienced team dedicated to buy side engagements. Our team utilizes f­irst-hand unparalleled knowledge o­f the sector, giving us a huge edge over some in the industry who just rely on databases o­f businesses to f­ind targets f­or acquisition. Our process involves us working with you to agree and in some cases challenge the speci­fication – we aim to bring new and less obvious opportunities to the table, as well as those directly within your sweet spots. The breadth o­f the acquisition opportunities we present helps to hone the speci­fication and build a clear picture o­f what businesses to go after, and how to optimally position the opportunity of partnering with you in terms that are relatable to sector owners.

Our Fees

The majority of our assignments are purely success-based, which means that they are only paid at the effective closing of the Transaction. Companies will never face significant upfront fees or payments, which ensures that our interests are perfectly aligned with our clients.

The success fee is typically 1 -5% of the transaction value, depending on the deal size and type. To find out more details and get a free evaluation of your project, please contact our team.

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