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Mergers & Acquisitions


VC Fundraising / Capital Increase

We support founders of innovative technology-lead start-ups by leading a smooth end-to-end fundraising process, from building investor-ready materials to negotiating deal terms and closing, helping to bridge the gap between creative entrepreneurship and investor reasoning.

Over the years we have established unrivalled access to both financial (venture capital, growth equity, private equity, etc.) and corporate investors both in Europe and main international markets.

Our Step-by-Step Support


Pre-market Preparation 

  • Operational audit of the company and develop deep understanding of its business model, competitive position, market environment etc;

  • Craft high quality marketing materials to attract potential buyers and strengthen the company’s positioning;

  • Premilinary benchmark and valuation analysis.


Buyer Outreach

  • Analyze strategic rationale and synergy scenarios for various investor groups;

  • Identify a long list of potential investors in line with the company’s business objectives in an international scope;

  • Contact and distribute presentation materials potential investors.


Buyer Engagement

  • Facilitate management meetings and drive follow-up discussions or visits

  • Organize and assis the company in the Due Diligence process (VDR preparations, Q&A)

  • Collect Letter of Intent


Deal Structuring

  • ​Support the negotiations with shortlisted investors;

  • Provide support on modeling, valuation and financial analysis.



  • Support in final deal structuring, purchase agreement negotiation;

  • Coordinate with third party advisors  (legal, tax, etc.) and close  the deal.

Abstract Glass Building

Our sector specialism in the new economy extends globally, meaning we have relationships with thousands of buyers and investors to quickly identify relevant counterparties, and to drive interest and competition in your asset or business unit. Many of our team have founded, grown and sold their own businesses, but no two deals are the same – hence we play what’s in front of us, whilst using our experience, attention to detail and hard work to bring you to the best possible deal.

Our team and experience. At DaivenHill, we have an experienced M&A team with track record of delivering capital raising projects in an international scope. we have developed a number of effective models that help organizations grow equity value. We don’t claim to know how to operate your business as well as you do, but we know what ingredients buyers will be looking for, and often focusing on these things builds a stronger business whatever the outcome.

Our Fees

The majority of our assignments are purely success-based, which means that they are only paid at the effective closing of the Transactions. Companies will never face significant upfront fees or payments, which ensures that our interests are perfectly aligned with our clients.

The success fee is typically 1 -5% of the transaction value, depending on the deal size and type. To find out more details and get a free evaluation of your project, please contact our team.

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