Financial Engineering

We offer a broad range of strategy consulting and financial engineering services related to M&A, fundraising, and other types of transactions and investments, to technology companies based on our corporate finance expertise and deep knowledge in the sectors we operate.


We provide flexible offerings tailored to the needs of your company. While every case is different, they all have the same goal: to secure a great outcome for both shareholders and management.

Investor Documentation
  • Pitch deck

  • Teaser

  • Business plan

  • Financial projection

Due Diligence
  • Ventor Due Diligence

  • Commercial Due Diligence for corporate buyers and private equities

Strategic Advisory
  • Joint ventures, strategic alliances & partnerships

  • External growth strategies

  • Market entry strategies

  • Acquisition target research & screening

Valuation & Opinions
  • Intrinsic methods (DCF, VC method, rNPV, specific sector methods, etc.)

  • Comparative methods (comparable transactions, listed multiples, specific sector methods, etc.)

  • Company valuation reports

Exit Readiness
  • Value enhancement review & planning

  • Accelerated closing that avoids surprises

  • Disruptions limited

  • Enhanced credibility

Transaction Support
  • Merger models/combination analysis

  • Synergies scenarios analysis

  • Financial and operational benchmarking